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Accessories for C&C SCBA holders
Lumbar and head support are available for the purpose of increasing the comfort of a seat which has a backrest consisting of respiratory equipment for the C&C SCBA holders. While this combination of head and lumbar supports increases the sitting comfort of the seat considerably, it is primarily designed to provide more safety to the personnel on the seat. When no respiratory equipment is placed in the holder, the seat is still comfortable and safe.

The height-adjustable carriage ensures that C&C SCBA holders are always in the right position for persons of different heights. This improves both the sitting comfort and safety.

When the electric lock is activated, a pin slides out and the respiratory equipment holder can no longer be unlocked. This makes it possible for the driver or the commander to determine if the respiratory equipment may be removed. The holders are always unlocked when there is no voltage on the system.

Head support with a bent insert for the C&C SCBA holders. (Can be delivered separately or mounted on the SCBA holder)

Lumbar supports for the C&C SCBA holders. (Can be delivered separately or mounted on the SCBA holder)

Insert, for when no air bottle has been positioned. (Only in combination with the BS-1 lumbar supports)

HS-2 & HS-3
Removable head supports with a straight (HS-2) or a wooden (HS-3) insert, which can be mounted separately in or against the wall.

Height-adjustable carriage

Electric lock in a 12 V or 24 V version.

Container for a facemask, to be installed behind the head rest.

Strap clamps for straps of the respiratory equipment.

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