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C&C OSHA (ARBO) ladder rack (semi-manual)
The C&C OSHA (ARBO) ladder rack is fitted with a sliding-tilting mechanism that is mounted on the roof of a vehicle. This makes it possible to simply and safely remove the material on the roof and from the rack at the street. The C&C OSHA (ARBO) ladder rack is manufactured from aluminium profiles with plastic running wheels.

Safe and quick handling by 1 person
Tilting the C&C OSHA (ARBO) ladder rack upwards and downwards is carried out semi-manually, which means it can be done quickly and safely. When tilting the ladder rack downwards, the last downward movement is damped down, and when tilting it upwards the last upward movement is also damped down. An (optional) control light can be mounted on the dashboard. The light indicates when the ladder rack has been tilted downwards.

A pull eyelet has been mounted on the closing device. By pulling on this eyelet with the operating rod, the ladder rack is automatically unlocked and can be tilted downwards by a single person. The closing mechanism has been designed in such a way that the tilting component of the rack is automatically locked in place, when the rack is tilted up.

The dimensions of a standard ladder rack are 2700 x 1425 x 550 mm (L x W x H). Dimensions of the tilting component: 2655 x 1250 mm (L x W).

C&C OSHA (ARBO) ladder rack (electric drive)
An electric spindle motor is installed as a drive, which ensures an effortless upward and downward operation of the tilting mechanism. A control box for operating the tilting mechanism has been positioned in the space for storing materials. The overall height of the ladder rack is increased by 5 cm thanks to the electrical drive.

The electrical drive can be delivered in a version that makes loads of a maximum of 80 kg possible, or in an extra strong version that can bear burdens up to a maximum of 150 kg.

The dimensions of the electrically operated ladder rack are 3026 x 1425 x 550 mm (L x W x H). Dimensions of the tilting component: 3000 x 125 mm.5

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