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C&C Multiple-hours set
The purpose of the C&C multiple-hours set is to make it possible for divers to work under water for a longer period of time. The C&C multiple-hours set enables you to replace an empty air cylinder for a full cylinder while the diver continues to breathe from the other cylinder that still contains air. To make it easier to unwind and rewind the air hose, it is possible to position the set horizontally.

The C&C multiple-hours set has a frame that is entirely constructed of stainless steel and that comes with two pneumatic tires. These tires are positioned at the outside of the device, so that the stability of the C&C multiple-hours set is increased. The air cylinders are held in position by rubber tie down straps.

The C&C multiple-hours set provides space for a rolled up air hose, a distribution adapter and two air cylinders that have a diameter of 140 mm. The holder is suitable for the most frequently used types of air bottles. The standard version of the multiple-hours set is without bottles, hoses or the distribution adapter.

Overall dimension: 540 x 980 x 495 mm (W x H x D)
Frame: 360 x 980 x 495 mm (W x H x D)
Tires: Ø 255 mm

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