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C&C Key safe
The C&C key safe is a steel safe which can be opened either by means of a PIN code or via a horn call over the radiotelephone, depending on the version. This means that the safe can only be opened in cooperation with the alarm control centre. The C&C key safe is constructed in such a way that it is simple to install in fire engines or emergency relief vehicles. All C&C key safes are provided with 5 key hooks on the inside.

The C&C safes have the following characteristics:
- A UL certificate (certification by Underwriters Laboratories, the American testing organization).
- A code lock with 6/8 numerals, which can be freely programmed and is provided with foil keys.
- The code lock is class 2 VdS (the German Association of Property Insurers) certified.
- 2 or more user codes (depending on the type).
- Electronic system that switches off automatically if the keys are not operated.
- Anti-manipulation function (the code lock is blocked after the 4th wrong input).
- Low-voltage alarm (a red flashing light or an acoustic signal).

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