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C&C Ademluchtbeugels

C&C Universal Tool Bracket
A universal and robust attachment system for emergency relief tools. The C&C UTB is suitable for quickly and easily placing hydraulic emergency relief tools in vehicles. The brackets are simple to adapt to the different brands and types of emergency relief tools, and they can be built in quickly and simply.

Through its simple operation and its robust construction, the C&C UTB system guarantees a safe transport and a quick availability of emergency tools.

- Simple locking system to prevent an uncontrolled removal of the tools.
- A spring tension system makes it easy to clamp in tools.
- Adjustable for the most frequently used types.
- Quick and simple installation.
- Installation both horizontally and vertically.
- In a horizontal position it is possible to insert and take out tools facing right or left.*
- In a vertical position it is possible to insert and take out tools facing up or down.*

* Preferences for the insertion and extraction of tools must be determined before the brackets are built in.

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