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C&C Bench module BN-2 (tested and certified by the National Traffic Authority of the Netherlands (RDW))
In cooperation with the Hogeschool Autotechniek (Automobile Technology Academy), C&C Products has developed the BN-1 vehicle chair and the BN-2 bench module for vehicles.

The strength of the C&C BN-2 bench module, the anchoring points of the bench module in the vehicle, the attachment points of the safety belt meet the strictest EEC standards. In this case it concerns the N2 standard (10 G).

A maximum of four C&C BN-2 bench modules can be attached next to each other in a row in the driving direction, and four modules in the opposite direction.

The C&C BN-2 bench module is built up of tube profiles with a St37-2 and St52-3 steel quality. The BN-2 comes with a 2-point belt and a preformed seat that can be folded up by means of a gas-operated spring. The frame has been sandblasted, spray-galvanized and spray-painted in a grey colour.

The C&C BN-2 bench module is delivered with floor attachment plates, and inspection certificates and an installation regulation.

Options for the C&C BN-2 bench module
A frame locking device underneath the seat can be delivered as an option for the C&C BN-2 bench module.

To prevent confusion with the black bands of the respiratory air equipment, a red hip belt is also available in a 2-point or 3-point version. These belts are extra long (because of the respiratory air equipment) and are provided with a reeling device. The belts are of course certified.

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